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Sells ebikes online, including electric cargo bikes

Box bike, Electric assist Direct
Rad Power Bikes

A US company making basic, affordable ebikes with free shipping to all provinces. The RadWagon is a long-tail and RadRunner a sturdy utility bike.

Electric assist, Long-tail Direct
Reckless bike stores

Vancouver bike shop with long-tail Yuba cargo bikes, box bikes and trikes from Babboe (plus ebike versions), box bikes from Urban Arrow (plus ebike versions) and Benno long-tail ebikes.

Box bike, Box trike, Long John, Long-tail Western

Based in Ottawa, carries a range of cargo bikes, all with electric assist. Includes brands like Benno, Riese Muller, and Tern

Box bike, Long John, Long-tail, Mid-tail Eastern
Soma Fabrications

Soma builds their version of a cycle truck or "baker's bike" called the Tradesman. Find local bike shops that carry Soma.

Cycle truck Eastern, Western

The Bill Trailer is really robust trailer. Any store that carries Surly bikes might be able to order this trailer.

Long-tail Direct
Tern Cycles

Tern has the popular, compact GSD and the even more compact HSD. Seemingly contradictory but useful for those who need carrying capacity but don't have much storage for a regular sized cargo bike.

Foldable cargo bike, Mid-tail Eastern, Western, Direct

These Danish trikes come equipped with features for families and for special needs, including people who have difficulty walking. The rear section of the bikes will help lean into the turn, which helps to keep the trikes more stable on turns. Triobike also carries long-john style box bikes.

The electric assist md-drive is made by Brose in Germany. (Image by Triobike)

Box bike, Box trike, Electric assist, Long John, Pedicab, Special needs
Urban Arrow

Urban Arrow started with an electric, lightweight box bike (aluminum and hard expanded foam box) for families. They've expanded to short box bikes, box bikes for cargo and cargo box trikes that can carry up to 300 kg and 2500L.

Box bike, Box trike, Electric assist, Long John
Urbane Cyclist

Carries Yuba longtail bicycles, the Mundo and the lighter Boda Boda. As well they carry various accessories for the Yuba including baskets, running boards, child seats, giant panniers, and two-legged kickstand.

Long-tail Eastern

Sells bakfietsen/boxbikes, Nihola, Gazelle Cabby, Onderwater Family Tandem bike (carry kids and let them help pedal) and Azor cycle trucks with 440 lbs capacity. Free shipping most parts of Ontario and Quebec.

Box bike, Box trike, Cycle truck, Tandem, Electric assist Eastern, Direct
Vélo Ya

Builds custom cargo bike for families or commercial use like promo stands, carrying water tanks. They even make cargo "trucks" to carry really large loads.

Long John, Box trike, Cycle truck Eastern

An Italian company that provides family and cargo mid-tail e-bike with a Bosch mid-drive electric assist.

Child-friendly, Compact, Electric assist, Mid-tail
VeloLifestyle Boutique

With stores in Vancouver and Montreal, imports and sell Danish cargo bike / trike brands like Bullitt, Triobike, Muli-Cycles, Black Iron Horse, and Butchers and Bicycles. They offer free Canada-wide shipping, 100% assembled. VeloLifestyle also has a department dedicated to fleet cargo bikes for last mile delivery services and organizations across Canada with pricing as low as $295/month.

Box bike, Box trike, Electric assist, Long John, Utility bike Western, Direct

Wald's been around for over a century making bike baskets. Their baskets are large and very practical. A favourite of NYC delivery.

Basket Direct

Sells a box bike and a cargo trike (with variations). They've got a box bike that can convert into a stroller, which is pretty awesome.

Builds flatbed, landscaping trailer with walls and a DIY kit for your own trailer project. Also builds child trailers, including ones specific for children with special needs.

Box bike, Box trike, Cargo trailer, Child trailer, Flatbed trailer, Special needs Eastern, Direct

All bikes are designed in-house to be very robust with some smart additions to make them easier to service. The FR8 is a mid-tail with a very robust rear and front rack that easily fits child seats and can accommodate an in-house designed seat for older kids. The GR8 is a more compact version of the FR8. The KR8 is a bakfiets/box bike designed to be lighter and more robust than other bakfietsen. All Workcycles bikes have a unique seat tube design that makes it possible for one bike to fit a large range of heights. Workcycles ships individual bikes to Canadian customers. Packing/shipping: standard format bike: €295, cargobike: €800. Import duties are additional. Another option is to purchase from an US Importers of Workcycles.

Box bike, Electric assist, Long John, Mid-tail, Special needs Direct
Worksman Cycles

A classic made-in-USA bike manufacturer of sturdy, basic industrial bicycles, including their Low Gravity cycletrucks.

Cycle truck Direct

Originator of the long-tail segment with the creation of a kit to convert mountain bikes. They've now expanded into dedicated long-tail and mid-tails bikes.

Electric assist, Long-tail, Mid-tail Eastern, Western, Direct
Yuba Bikes

Their long-tail bikes are popular because of their relative affordability and the multitude of accessories. They've since expanded into box bikes and electric assist. Quite a few North American bike shops carry Yuba so it's one of the easiest brands to find and service.

Box bike, Electric assist, Long-tail, Mid-tail Direct