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Bikes at Work

Makes impressively sturdy trailers that can carry a lot. Trailer comes in different lengths and is made to carry the large Rubbermaid containers. Made in US so no tariff fees when ordered directly.

Cargo trailer, Flatbed trailer Direct
Bikes on Wheels

Carries the longtail style of cargo bike, the Xtracycle Edgerunner. Longtails are inexpensive compared to a box bike and work well in many applications but won't carry nearly as much as a box bike nor are as rubust.

Long-tail Eastern
Black Iron Horse

The defining feature of these trikes is that they have rear-wheel steering which helps to improve on the traditional front-wheel steering of trikes. Each model has a number of family-friendly add-ons for safety and comfort.

Box trike, Electric assist Direct
Butchers and Bicycles

The unique feature of the trikes made by Butchers and Bicycles is the ability to lean into turns. This helps the trikes to match the big advantage of two-wheeled bicycles that allow for faster, safer turns. These trikes come with electric assist models and lots of family-friendly features.

Box trike, Electric assist Direct
Ca Go

A high-end cargo bike designed and built with safety and ergonomics in mind by German company. Currently can pre-order while waiting for production to ramp up.

Box bike, Electric assist, Long John Direct


Visit Canada's largest section of European-built Cargo Bikes for families or business. Test ride in Montreal or Vancouver. Canada-wide shipping; 100% assembled; and ready to ride. Talk to one of our experts today.

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