Business Description Type Region
Curbside Cycle

Imports the popular Dutch Babboe box bikes in both the two- and three-wheeled versions, Danish Larry vs Harry Bullitt sleek-looking longjohn, Butchers & Bicycles (unique leaning cargo trike), and Urban Arrow (a light cargobike). And accessories such as covers and "rain tents" when children sit in the box. Curbside can also add e-motors so you can tackle big hills. Provides pre-tuned bikes shipped door to door; no assembly required.

Box bike, Box trike, Electric assist, Special needs Eastern, Direct
Dumoulin Bicyclettes

Carries the awesome trike bakfiets, the Danish Nihola, with wheels that steer independently of the box which makes turning much easier.

Box trike Eastern
Fourth Floor Distribution

Imports the Danish Nihola tricycle cargobike, Dutch Babboe cargobikes and Danish Larry vs Harry Bullitt sleek-looking longjohn. Also provides custom solutions and fleets for business.

Box bike, Box trike, Long John, Long-tail Direct
Hamilton Trike and Recumbents

Carries Van Raam bicycles. Almost unique among bike builders, Van Raam focuses on adaptive and accessible bicycles for people with special needs. 

Special needs, Tandem Eastern, Direct
Icycle Tricycles

Sells new and used tricycles out of Portland, Oregon.

Box trike Direct


Ride effortlessly with the new Triobike Mono Mid Drive. The lightest and safest cargo bike on the market. Pre-order for 2020 and save through Allo Velo. Bonus Free shipping 100% assembled Canada wide.

Triobike Mono video