It can be hard to find cargo bikes in Canada. Many bike shops don't carry them because they take up more space than regular bikes for the same profit margin. I'm here to help people find what they want. I list any kind of cargo bike or trailer you can find in Canada. Some of them require visiting in person, others will ship anywhere in Canada.

I've both worked and played with bikes for a long time. I've been a volunteer mechanic, bike infrastructure advocate, bike blogger, ambassador of bikes at a municipality and also owned and ridden many different kinds of bikes. I'm not an expert in everything bike related but I know how to ask the right questions and I'm not intimidated by the sometimes arcane language used. I think I can help you navigate this world.

If anybody comes across an interesting new cargo bike company, let me know. If anybody would like me to review a cargo bike, drop me a line.


I've found this Reddit group helpful for discovering new cargo bikes, for asking questions or showing off your new bike.

We've got a Dutch cargo bike that we really like. Read up more on the Dutch cargo bike on this article in Velo Vision Magazine where the author, Jonathan Ward, explains why he chose the cargo bike. Bakfiets and Workcycle are the best known Dutch cargo bike makers.

Bike Shop Girl is a Denver bike shop catering to families and cargo bikes. There are lots of great videos and help on the site explaining cargo bikes.

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