Business Description Type Region
Allo Vélo

Based in Montreal, imports and sell Danish cargo bike / trike brands like Bullitt, Triobike and Butchers and Bicycles. They offer free Canada-wide shipping, 100% assembled. Those in Montreal can test ride and rent cargo bikes at the main store. Those in or near Mississauga can test the cargo bikes at The Beagle Bicycle Co as well.  Allo Vélo also has a department dedicated to fleet cargo bikes for last mile delivery services and organizations across Canada with pricing as low as $295/month.

Box bike, Box trike, Electric assist, Long John, Utility bike Eastern, Direct
Argo Cargo bike kit

Sell a kit to convert bikes into bakfiets style cargo bikes.

Box bike, Utility bike Direct

A relatively new company that has a versatile mid-tail with lots of useful accessories such as racks, bags, etc. They've expanded dealers carrying them relatively quickly compared to many cargo bike companies. So may be in luck in being to find a dealer near you.

Electric assist, Mid-tail Eastern, Western, Direct
Bike Bike

Carries Bullitt, Yuba, XtraCycle, Nihola. Is a Calgary bike shop that carries cargo bikes and long-tail bikes as well as other urban-friendly bikes.

Box bike, Box trike, Long-tail Western
Bike Friday

Haul a Day. They ship to Canada.

Foldable cargo bike Direct
Bikes at Work

Makes impressively sturdy trailers that can carry a lot. Trailer comes in different lengths and is made to carry the large Rubbermaid containers. Made in US so no tariff fees when ordered directly.

Cargo trailer, Flatbed trailer Direct
Bikes on Wheels

Carries the longtail style of cargo bike, the Xtracycle Edgerunner. Longtails are inexpensive compared to a box bike and work well in many applications but won't carry nearly as much as a box bike nor are as rubust.

Long-tail Eastern
Ca Go

A high-end cargo bike designed and built with safety and ergonomics in mind by German company. Currently can pre-order while waiting for production to ramp up.

Box bike, Electric assist, Long John Direct
Carla Cargo

There is nothing quite like this trailer. They've invented a whole new category. The front end is reminiscent of a long john bike with a single wheel to help steer it and take the weight off the bike. The hitch attaches to the seat post of the bike. There's even an electric assist version, which surely no by-law officer anywhere knows what to do about it. The trailers are being distributed via partnership with Tern.

Cargo trailer, Electric assist, Flatbed trailer Direct

A one man shop making versatile and very sturdy cargo bikes / long johns. The basic setup includes a large "no-skid" platform and he also sells boxes and rain covers to keep kids dry. Price: $3150 USD + shipping (around $300 in USA). Made in USA means no tarrifs! Shipping takes about 4-8 weeks.

Box bike, Long John Direct
Circe Cycles

Based in Cambridge UK, the same bikes switch easily between cargo or tandem--adults, children, or those with special needs. The Helios is upright and the front of the Morpheus is reclining.

Cargo trailer, Long-tail, Pedicab, Special needs, Tandem Direct
Citrus Cycles

A bike shop on Vancouver Island, long-tail cargo ebikes from Felt (Bruhaul and Tote-m), long john Riese & Muller (full suspension and hard tail cargo ebikes with dual batteries), and Yuba long-tail.

Box bike, Electric assist, Long John, Long-tail Western
Coaster Pedicab

Builds cargotrikes and pedicabs in Missoula, Montana. Ships anywhere.

Box trike, Pedicab Direct
Curbside Cycle

Imports the popular Dutch Babboe box bikes in both the two- and three-wheeled versions, Danish Larry vs Harry Bullitt sleek-looking longjohn, Butchers & Bicycles (unique leaning cargo trike), and Urban Arrow (a light cargobike). And accessories such as covers and "rain tents" when children sit in the box. Curbside can also add e-motors so you can tackle big hills. Provides pre-tuned bikes shipped door to door; no assembly required.

Box bike, Box trike, Electric assist, Special needs Eastern, Direct
Dumoulin Bicyclettes

Carries the awesome trike bakfiets, the Danish Nihola, with wheels that steer independently of the box which makes turning much easier.

Box trike Eastern
Fourth Floor Distribution

Imports the Danish Nihola tricycle cargobike, Dutch Babboe cargobikes and Danish Larry vs Harry Bullitt sleek-looking longjohn. Also provides custom solutions and fleets for business.

Box bike, Box trike, Long John, Long-tail Direct
Hamilton Trike and Recumbents

Carries Van Raam bicycles. Almost unique among bike builders, Van Raam focuses on adaptive and accessible bicycles for people with special needs. 

Special needs, Tandem Eastern, Direct
Icycle Tricycles

Sells new and used tricycles out of Portland, Oregon.

Box trike Direct
Intercycle, of Au Coin du Pédaleur

Built in Quebec. The quality looks like these cycles are made for industrial or tourist use, and not for faster on-road use - they still have an important role even if they aren't made with the lightest cromoly, etc.

Box trike, Cycle truck, Pedicab Eastern
Lightfoot Cycles

Makes recumbent trikes that can be built with a variety of custom platforms - flatbeds and boxes - for carrying cargo.

Box trike Direct
London Bicycle Cafe

Carries the Babboe box bike / bakfiets, the sporty Larry vs Harry long john, and the Xtracycle long-tail.

Long-tail, Box bike Eastern
Madsen Cycles

A US company that makes long-tail cargo bikes with a large bucket in the back to provide more space for stuff and children.

Box bike Direct
Manuel Cappel

Builds beautiful cargo bikes and trailers in his Toronto Island workshop. Manuel uses used bikes but new components to create strong bikes that can carry heavy loads. The bikes are cheaper than newer bikes with a price of about $2000 for a built bike (powdercoating extra). Give Manuel a call at 416.203.7717 to arrange a visit to his shop to discuss requirements. It takes him about a month and a half to build.

Cargo trailer, Long John, Special needs Eastern
Officine Recycle

Builds long john cargo bikes by recycling bikes and provides kits and tutorials for those who'd like to build their own.

Box bike, Long John Direct
Omnium Cargo

A Danish company that builds a cycle truck that can be found at Vélos Roy in Québec City.

Cycle truck Eastern

Sells ebikes online, including electric cargo bikes

Box bike, Electric assist Direct
Rad Power Bikes

A US company making basic, affordable ebikes with free shipping to all provinces. The RadWagon is a long-tail and RadRunner a sturdy utility bike.

Electric assist, Long-tail Direct
Reckless bike stores

Vancouver bike shop with long-tail Yuba cargo bikes, box bikes and trikes from Babboe (plus ebike versions), box bikes from Urban Arrow (plus ebike versions) and Benno long-tail ebikes.

Box bike, Box trike, Long John, Long-tail Western

Based in Ottawa, carries a range of cargo bikes, all with electric assist. Includes brands like Benno, Riese Muller, and Tern

Box bike, Long John, Long-tail, Mid-tail Eastern
Soma Fabrications

Soma builds their version of a cycle truck or "baker's bike" called the Tradesman. Find local bike shops that carry Soma.

Cycle truck Eastern, Western